But who is this Panhan?

Hi, there! I'm Leonardo, a Brazilian designer currently based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I hold a BA in Graphic Design from Belas Artes, a major design Uni in South America.

Picture of Leonardo Panhan

A Passion for Design Since 2010

I got into the Design World around 2010, when I first started to experiment with Photoshop. Then I designed my first page – a fan site for Taylor Swift, in partnership with a friend. You can see the design here (don't get your hopes up, tho!).

It all took off from there. As soon as I got into Design School, I received my first internship as UX/UI Intern at Agencia Foster, from the Ogilvy group, where I had the pleasure of working with and learning from lots of great designers.

I left this position for an internship at the international law firm Mayer Brown as Design Intern, where I stayed for almost 3 years. I learned a lot about offline media as well as design for social media, not to mention the discipline that is required working to tight deadlines and demands.

Now, I'm currently working at a leading Latin America firm, Demarest, as Design Analyst, focused on UX/UI. Each day I'm, getting pushed to produce my best, pulling ideas off the paper and delivering great products to best fit the company's needs, both online and offline.

In the midst of all this, I've always been open to freelance projects, aiming to help other companies develop their ideas, while further enhancing my own.

I've Designed for Companies such as

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